MD Elite Care is a division of MD America Provider Solutions, LLC. We’re an industry leader in healthcare administration and medical practice solutions. We developed MD Elite Care because we recognized the need for a more proactive, wellness focused medicine.

Jason Polete-CEO and Founder: “Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of skilled and caring healthcare professionals. Throughout the years I’ve seen the healthcare industry change dramatically, and not always for the better. In fact, many of the changes have forced physicians to alter the way they care for their patients. Physicians spend a significant portion of their time today focusing on administrative demands and less on patient care. Many physicians have become frustrated and feel that they can’t provide the level of care their patients deserve. Over the past few years I have asked some very skilled and respected physicians to partner with us to develop a health and wellness program that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. I believe we have exceeded our goals with the MD Elite Care program.”