Choosing online casino game

The world of gambling is so vast and diverse that sometimes it becomes difficult for an ignorant person to understand and understand the rules of the game, how the game process proceeds and what you need to know when going to the casino. This is for real life. As for the virtual gaming sphere, here everything looks much more interesting and accessible. On virtual gaming resources, you can always try your hand at choosing free online casino games to start with. At such venues, you can play fun completely without any risk, gaining experience and gaining skills.

In order not to waste time in vain and not to paint all the benefits of interactive gaming, we offer you a detailed guide for direct participation in gambling, instructions for using game strategies. It is always better, before sitting down at the gaming table, to have an idea of ​​the rules of the game and how you can really win a game.

What is our goal?

It is no secret that such recommendations and tips are often promotional in nature. The more informed the user, the higher the likelihood that he will soon begin to play on his own, with excitement, and successfully betting. A competent player will not only take care of his success. An informed and trained player is also interesting in online casinos. The more often a client plays, the more he bets. Naturally, the income of a gambling establishment from this only increases. What is the use of a user who at one point wasted his money and thoughtlessly lost the provided bonus funds?

Online casinos are interested in keeping the client in the game for as long as possible, making bets more often and, if not always, winning.

To achieve such interest on the part of the client, it is better for him to immediately get acquainted with the rules of the game, make him feel like a player at a real table, and let him try one of the game strategies in practice. There is nothing terrible in this, neither for the gambling office, nor for the client himself. Game strategies can really help save money on the account and really help in some cases to get a good win. The main thing is to approach wisely and not make hasty decisions.

The guidance that we offer is based on real and practical steps taken by our experts to assess the chances of players participating in various games. Studying the rules of the game, taking into account the intricacies and features of the game process, gave a real idea of ​​the gambling games that are now offered in the set of online gaming services. To analyze and review interactive gambling more realistic, we used certain tactics in live games, applied strategies. The result was interesting and curious. Now, first things first!

What is the difference between a real casino and an online casino?

First of all, the difference is in direct participation. If a person came to a gambling establishment, he had no choice but to sit down at a table, sit down at a slot machine and start playing. No training, no concessions. Only real money and only the pursuit of luck! As long as the client has the funds, he can play and expect to win. As soon as the money is over, the casino doors close in front of it. In interactive gaming, everything is much simpler and more loyal.

First: a large selection of gambling. None of the land-based casinos can be compared in terms of the range of games with the offer of gaming web resources available to the player.

Secondly: there is no dress code and age limit. Almost anyone who meets the conditions and rules for using the resource can play. You can take part in the game at any time, especially when the online casino is in your own smartphone.

Third: you can start playing completely free. No money, just play, win, earn points, points and prizes.

Fourthly: when playing gambling on the online casino platform, competing with the slot already for money, you can not worry about your safety and not be afraid of fraud. All the results of the game, random coincidences, no human factor and a dirty trick.
At any time, if the game is tired or your own bank has gone bankrupt, you can exit the game and stay out of business. In this, there are significant differences between real gambling and virtual gambling. You can check the list of safe online casinos here

Features of games in online casinos

To compile a review of the games offered by the gaming Internet services, we took a direct part in various games, tested all the intricacies of game moments, carefully read the rules of the games and tried to use a number of strategies in practice.

The first thing you expect a new online casino client after registration: a huge selection of games. Here is a variety that cannot be mastered with one glance. It takes a lot of time to try your hand at each of the games. For you, we will not make a choice, however, to suggest which of the gambling is the most convenient and interesting, is quite capable. The most interesting section in which you can always choose a game to your taste are casino games without downloading.

Those. the functionality offers software that is integrated into the site, created on the basis of the software platform of the web resource itself. Such software includes the following most famous and popular gambling:

In addition to the listed games and their variations, there are video games on the online casino site. Three-dimensional graphics, an excellent interface make the video game of poker and roulette truly lively and realistic. The presence of a live croupier only complements the effect of presence.

We tested our strengths in almost all the games that we named and can now share our impressions, give practical advice on how to play and what tactics to choose. Before you play for money, we recommend that you start exploring the world of virtual gambling in free mode. Play, check yourself. Find out if you like one or another variant of poker, if you manage to play roulette.


How to be able to choose the right game in an online casino?
The main motive that guides online casino customers is to break the bank. How often and how much a player wins depends in most cases only on luck and luck. The strategy and tactics applicable in any of the gambling online games is the competent distribution of their own finances.

The size of the winnings and the frequency of successful rounds depends on the choice of the game. Each online casino game has a certain percentage of advantage for the player, where more, where less. The smaller the casino advantage, the higher the client’s chances of a successful game.

When choosing online casino games, it is important to know where and what percentage of the casino’s advantage is. The principle works here – the casino has no advantage, there will be no game. The gambling business is built in such a way that the advantage of the institution is always where more, where less. This is the profit of a gambling establishment and due to this a bank is being formed.

Certain strategies and tactics allow you to minimize the advantage of online casinos, but you will not find a zero advantage in any game.

The main rule that a client should follow when choosing a game is to choose online gambling games in which the advantage of the establishment is minimal. Where the casino advantage is over 5% – the game will be wasted.

For example, in the American cousin (roulette) the game develops in this way. The casino advantage in roulette is more than 5% and there are practically no chances to win. However, the American roulette wheel gathers a rather large audience around itself. The temptation is too great to break a large bank.


Technological trends in online casino industry

Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos, are online versions of traditional (“brick and mortar”) casinos. Online casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games through the Internet. It is a prolific form of online gambling – Wikipedia.

Technology, which is rapidly changing the dynamics of our lifestyle, has left its mark on the gambling and casino industry as well. Upgrades in recent technologies have made it easier for players to place bets nimbly and win millions within minutes, if not seconds. Initially, the gambling business has been wonderful, but over the years it has changed, grown, and developed with the help of innovative and contemporary technology. The technologies that have influenced the casino are as follows:

Free Online Gambling Games

Online casinos have been strategized chiefly to lure the millennial audience and to attract them into the world of real money-earning ventures. Tools of this kind are employed to tap into the youth market who can get into the games effortlessly from various social media websites.

Improved Mobile Technologies

Most of the gamblers fancy mobile phones, notebooks, and tablets to the desktop so that they can play their preferred gambling slot games wherever and whenever they want. Mobile technology has thus advanced in such a way where gaming apps are simply offered to serve as an genuine gambling platfrom practice.

Live Dealers

The introduction of interactive game sessions has upped the experience manifold in online gaming. Live roulettes and blackjacks have joined the fray where they are gradually changing the online betting industry, with an even better pay-back percentage to gamers.

Digital Betting Shops

Technology has provided online betters with an ideal virtual atmosphere where one can participate in gambling and betting simply by scanning their IDs. Online casinos have assimilated cash acceptors where clients can place bets easily on a synergistic enclosure.


Most gamblers like virtual casinos because of its accessibility and ease of use over offline casinos. Instead of traveling to a casino location and using real cash, players can easily engage in exciting digital casino games from the comfort of their homes.

With the first-class and fantastic presence of innovative technologies, gamblers have been able to enjoy their preferred gambling games. The advances in know-how have really made a big jump towards virtual gambling.

How Modern Technologies Influence Casino Gaming

Casino technology has continuously been improving due to cutting-edge modernizations that are being developed regularly. Here are some of the newest drifts that should attract the attention of a follower of the virtual casino market regarding the future of the gambling industry.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality (VR) earpiece industry has been on the growth, with many gambling applications being designed to integrate this appealing software. VR has proved to be an outstanding choice for gamblers who want to stay home but still want to appreciate the realistic feelings of table games like blackjack and poker.

Fundamentalists who suggested that online gambling would deliver a tedious practice have been demonstrated that they were wrong, as VR has improved the eagerness of players. VR has made the games interactive, so the experience almost borders on real-life like occurrences.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is not worse than VR in becoming a gambling tendency in constant investigation, examination, and progress. The combination of the offline and the online carry live suppliers to the player’s doorway, making amplified gameplay practices real.


Smartwatches and other gadgets are becoming an increasingly familiar sight, although the casino operators are well aware of the risks these might pose to the integrity of the gaming experience. Some land-based casinos have banned the use of smart gadgets entirely, but most of the online casinos have received wearable gadgets with open arms as these technologies help players to swiftly contact their perfect games without even retrieving their gadgets.


Online gambling industry: the view

For centuries, people have been playing games of chance or placing bets on the results of different games. Nowadays these activities continue gaining popularity, especially in the online form. As the internet’s answer to gambling, online casinos allow players to access their favorite casino games from anywhere with internet access using their computer or mobile devices. Despite opposing regulations, the global online gaming industry has shown rapid expansion over the past decade, and economists expect the trend to continue.

Online gaming has grown due to a number of factors such as internet penetration, the opening of new markets, and new players signing up. Since 2005, the online gambling market has increased by 2.5 times and is predicted to generate an estimated $40 billion USD worldwide in 2014. During this time the online casino market has attracted many new participants. Each strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering unique product packages, a great variety of games, new features, and regular system updates. Here you can see the dynamics of the online access to the William Hill, Bwin.Party, Bet365, EUCasino, Betfair Group, PlayMillion, and 888 Holdings.

Mobile gambling

The widespread use of smart phones and other wireless devices in recent years has revolutionized the online gaming industry with demands for mobile casinos on the rise. Players opt for a mobile casino because it provides a convenient way to place bets from anywhere with internet access using their devices such as Androids, iPhones, or iPads. The online casinos try to deliver best services to their customers. Statistics shows that online gaming will produce $100 billion USD by 2017 and will go beyond that of ordinary desktop players in less than five years.

The players

The gambling market demographic continues to become more and more diverse, and the typical gambler no longer fits into the traditional image of a middle aged man. More females play virtual gambling activities than ever making up 40% of the industry. The age range of online gamblers has also increased as internet penetration in society continues to grow, and currently 30% of online gamblers exceed the age of 50.

Lottery, skill games, bingo, casino games, poker, and sports betting comprise the online gambling shares. However, game preferences vary depending on gender. According to studies, women tend to play bingo games, although they also show increasingly more interest in other types of online gambling. Gambling behavior differs between genders as well. Women usually play for longer at lower stakes, while men play more frequently at higher stakes with shorter sessions. As a rule, males play to be excited while women play to get a relax.

The global internet casino industry

With the increasing popularity of online casinos, more countries around the world have permitted regulated online gambling. Online casinos generate millions of dollars in the economy, give workplaces, and create tax revenue. As the industry spreads, each country adopts its own measures to adapt to the emerging market.

The leading continent in the online gambling industry is Europe. The United Kingdom has become an industry leader with a £2 billion market that continues to grow. In Great Britain there is a tendency to relocate gambling business to the offshore. To counteract the loss of taxes from offshore gambling, the UK has enacted a law to tax online gambling based on the player’s residence, effective December 2014.


Despite the ongoing regulatory backdrop, one thing remains clear – the global online gambling industry is here to stay. In the future, virtual casino revenue will likely create over hundreds of billions of dollars, with mobile gaming to exceed the desktop gambling places. The industry is continuously developing, since more and more countries accept regulated online casino business.


Online casino business: where to get a license

There are about 80 jurisdictions (legal zones of different states) where online casinos and other gambling are allowed. These include lotteries, poker rooms, roulette and slot machines.

Online casino: legal business

Not every jurisdiction allows you to conduct all types of activities. In addition, the legislation of each country where online casinos are allowed has its own set of requirements and conditions for gambling.

If you want to find the best option for acquiring a license and conducting this business, but don’t know in which country online casinos are allowed, contact Smart Money for advice. We will help you choose the right jurisdiction and get all the documents you need for legal work.

Features of gaming permissions

Each state is distinguished by its own set of moral principles, and therefore gambling is subject to prohibitions of different levels of severity. There are some countries where online casinos are allowed or completely banned, but it happens that citizens get their right to play by repeatedly submitting documents to the court.

Therefore, all jurisdictions can be conditionally divided into several groups:
Online gambling is completely prohibited. At the same time, land-based casinos, slot machines and other types of clubs can exist quite legally.

Partial restriction of the gambling business. Variations are possible here, but the general idea is this: part of the games is allowed, the other part is prohibited. A good example in this area is the Republic of Belarus. There is a Presidential Decree with a list of gambling activities allowed in Belarus. Everything that is not included in the list is prohibited in this territory. There are no online gambling games in it.

Territorial division. In the USA and the Russian Federation, far from everywhere it is possible to open a gambling business. For this type of entertainment, special zones have been created in which their laws and regulations apply. Outside this territory, gambling is prohibited.

Green light online casino. The country has a law regulating the activities of online casinos, a description of the working conditions and liability for violations. Here, the work is fully legalized. Along with this, there may be a restriction on the activities of foreign casinos within the jurisdiction.
In which countries are online casinos allowed?

The following describes the features of the gambling business in different countries and regions of the world. For each jurisdiction, we have prepared a short explanation.


The European Union has a positive attitude to online casinos, especially to the large taxes that go to the budget. Many countries within the EU are perhaps the most famous jurisdictions for obtaining a gambling license: Malta, Curacao, etc. There are no strict prohibitions on the operation of online casinos, but there is only a small set of rules and restrictions.


In addition to the aforementioned gambling zones, in the USA, players cannot fully play in online casinos, since it is forbidden to make deposits and withdraw winnings. All the pleasure of the game is lost, gamblers have to look for workarounds.


We won’t surprise anyone if we say that online casinos are strictly prohibited in China. Still, this country is famous for its harsh mores. Each year, the government monitors and closes thousands of playgrounds.

But if in the countries of the former USSR such a situation does not prevent the casino from creating mirrors or registering new domains, then sites in China are really blocking.

Also, you can not open a casino in Singapore and Thailand. But India issues licenses not only to its citizens, but also to businessmen from other countries.

Arab countries

The countries of the Arab world completely control the Internet space, and gaming sites are prohibited here. Turkey and Egypt, even more loyal and closer to Europe, unfortunately, do not yet allow the casino to operate legally.


But Israel is happy. Here, the ban was lifted recently, not on the initiative of the legislative branch, but because of the active position of citizens. A group of people sued the police and soon got the right to have fun in the form of gambling. Now the Israelis can spend as much time in the online casino as they want.

Russian Federation

In Russia, online casinos are mostly illegal. Theoretically, you can get a license. But in practice, this procedure is cheaper in other jurisdictions. In addition, players can freely access sites of other countries. Therefore, the majority of entrepreneurs work under a foreign license.

Offshore countries

Costa Rica, Malta, Seychelles, Gibraltar, Curacao, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Alderney and others. It is there that most often new casinos are registered. It has a flexible tax policy, loyal conditions for obtaining a license and a minimum of restrictions.

Where is better to get a license?

In addition to offshore zones, there are many other countries where online casinos are allowed. In Australia, Greece, Austria, the Czech Republic and other countries, you can go through the licensing procedure.

It is worth remembering that each power has its own rules, conditions and laws. Before deciding whether to open a license, it is recommended that you consult an expert in the industry.