MD America… a better path to live healthier!

The MD Elite program offered by MD America delivers an unparalleled level of proactive health and wellness solutions to our members. Unlike traditional healthcare models that are reactive or incident based, MD America is designed to proactively address your individual healthcare needs, as well as your long and short-term wellness goals. In other words, MD Elite physicians don’t just treat you when you’re sick, they want to help you live healthier!

A healthier you is just a what the doctor ordered…

It’s clear, the traditional healthcare models of today aren’t working. Adult and childhood obesity is at an all-time high and is expected to continue to increase each year. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes impacts more people today than ever before. Physicians are more knowledgeable, they have state of the art diagnostic and treatment tools at their disposal, yet the number of people diagnosed with these chronic health conditions continues to escalate each year at an alarming rate.

How is this possible?

It’s simple. Physicians today don’t have the resources to treat patients proactively. Health insurance companies are constantly increasing the administrative demands on physicians, while at the same time reducing reimbursement. These administrative and financial restraints inhibit physicians from providing comprehensive, focused medicine. Many physicians have said that it’s not the financial impact that troubles them most, it’s the fact that they can’t provide the level of care they feel their patients deserve. The MD America program give physicians the resources they need to provide comprehensive, focused and individualized health and wellness care to their patients.